About Us

EcoEats considers whether sustainable eating is still possible in our current economic climate.

We’re interested in what’s happening with ethical food today and aim to provide a platform for current industry issues to be investigated and debated.

Can the moral merits of Fairtrade endure through money-strapped times? Can businesses that source food locally compete with those relying on cheap foreign imports? Are people still happy to pay more for their food in the name of ethics, or have alternative lifestyles taken over?

Exploring these issues and more we trawl eco-eating communities, primarily around London, seeking case-study insights from producers, suppliers and consumers to form an all-round picture of the state of the sustainable food sector.

Follow us on Twitter @ecoeatsuk and check us out on Facebook here.

You can also follow our team individually: @jess_denham, @TheBrettLeppard, @spbajko, @matt_dathan, and @NicolaRBartlett.


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