The UK sustainable food community’s top ten tweeters

We know we aren’t the only ones out there interested in the future of sustainable food. So to provide you with further insight into the state of the industry, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten active and informative tweeters…

Food Matters (@FoodMatters_org): a not-for-profit national food policy and advocacy organisation passionate about building sustainable and fair food systems. Based in Brighton, they believe that action is required from both communities and national government if our food system is to change for the better. A strong voice in the sector, they offer expertise on raising awareness, action-planning and encouraging a sustainable approach.

It's hard to beat fresh fruit and veg sourced locally. Image: Geograph

It’s hard to beat fresh fruit and veg sourced locally. Image: Geograph

Sustaination (@Sustaination): a professional network serving all types of food businesses from farms to restaurants. The Sustaination team work hard to make local trade easy and efficient, helping to ensure that resources are well used and livelihoods are protected. Their food sourcing project helps businesses to find new trade partners close by so that they can respond to demand for a better food system.

Food Ethics Council (@FoodEthicsNews): an independent UK-based think tank “working business, government and civil society towards a fairer future for food and farming”. A registered charity, they provide advice on ethics with the aim of creating a food system that is healthy for people and the environment. Check out our bitesize summary of their 2013 sustainability report here.

Soil Association (@SoilAssociation): a registered charity campaigning for “healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use”. Founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, nutritionists and scientists who noticed a connection between farming practices and global health, the team provides solutions that help people live from available resources, offers advice to businesses and works to inspire consumer trust in the organic market.

LEAF (@LEAF_Farming): a farming and environmental charity “working with farmers to promote sustainable farming through demonstration farms”. Open Farm Sundays allow the community to gain insight into the story behind their food and discover what goes on at their local farm. LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) helps farmers produce good healthy food to high standards identified in the shops by their LEAF Marque logo.

Sustainable Food (@changeFood): an extension of the Change petition platform empowering people to create the change they want to see. This branch provides the latest news about the food we are eating and tweets all the latest petitions relating to sustainable food. Signing petitions is a quick way to get involved in making a difference too!

Many sustainable food organisations work hard to support farmers and advise them on best ethical practices. Image: Ipernity

Many sustainable food organisations work hard to support farmers and advise them on best ethical practices. Image: Ipernity

Ethical Eats (@ethicaleats): a network of London catering businesses that care about sustainability. They organise workshops to campaign for better practice, tackle issues such as sustainable fish and food waste and set up visits to local farms. Ethical Eats helps businesses to identify the practical steps necessary to becoming more sustainable by sharing their experiences and promoting any good work.

Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW_UK): a not-for-profit organisation raising awareness of the environmental and economic need to reduce food waste. They provide tips and recipes to help you save money by making the best possible use of resources in the home.

London Food Link (@LondonFoodLink): a network of individuals and organisations striving to transform the Capital’s ethical and sustainable food system. London Food Link run the leading Jellied Eel magazine about ethical eating in London and support projects such as Sustainable Fish City and Capital Growth.

Food Cities (@FoodCities): The Sustainable Food Cities Network helps urban areas take a holistic approach to food in the face of diet-related ill health and the damaging impacts of the current UK food system. An alliance of related organisations, they believe that access to affordable, healthy and sustainable food should be a right, not a privilege.

and one for luck…us!

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