Cook it, share it, live it for Food Revolution Day in May

Does the word “revolution” belong only to the world of politics? Far from it, because in just a few weeks on Friday 17 May, Food Revolution Day will be making its glorious comeback.

The importance of good food and improved food education for everybody are the foci of the day with three simple actions highlighted: cook it, share it, live it. The aim is that people from all walks of life will come together to share cookery skills, food knowledge and sustainable resources. When the idea first became a reality in 2012 more than 1000 events took place in 664 cities across 62 countries, with @FoodRev the third most-mentioned Twitter user in the world on the day. For a visual taste of what went on last year check out the Pinterest page.

Popular TV chef Jamie Oliver’s charities, The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and the Better Food Foundation collaborated with Australia’s Good Foundation to inspire people to swap recipes, offer cooking demonstrations and market tours, and host dinner parties with home-grown food. Every penny of the funds raised went towards food education projects worldwide.

Jamie’s back this year and there’s plenty that you can do to help him.

This year’s Food Revolution Day will see many local activities run by voluntary ambassadors working hard to connect individuals, schools, businesses and organisations at a grassroots level. By taking part, anybody and everybody can help make the day a global success. From a cooking demonstration on the importance of whole foods in Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, to the official street event in London, a range of public and private activities are planned across England and indeed the world- sneak a peek at this interactive map.

Home-grown vs. convenience

Today millions of people, particularly the younger generations, lack both cooking skills and an awareness of the benefits of local produce. Food education used to be passed down the family line but with convenience and junk food dominating the shops it is all too easy to pick up a microwave meal rather than grow your own vegetables or select the best cuts of meat from your local farm. Diet-related diseases are among the lead killers globally, so it’s more vital than ever that we do more to protect our family’s health as well as our own.

Some more startling statistics collated by the Food Revolution team

    • Researchers predicts that if current UK trends continue, up to 48% of men and 43% of women could be obese by 2030, adding an extra £1.9 billion per year to medical costs for obesity-related diseases. The cost of obesity per year is already estimated to be over £5.1 billion. (NHS)
    •  In a review of eating habits in 19 European Union countries, the UK was placed 14th, just five from the bottom. (European Food Information Council)
    • Approximately one third (29.5%) of children in England aged 2-15 are classed as overweight or obese. 16% of boys and 15% of girls in this age group are already obese. (Garden Organic)
    • Physical inactivity and diet, especially those with high levels of sodium or salt and low fruit & vegetable consumption were responsible for 12.5 million deaths in 2010. (The Lancet)
    • An Australian study found that 20% of kids believe that pasta comes from animals and 27% think that yogurt comes from plants. (Australian Council for Educational Research)

Persuaded that Food Revolution Day is something worth getting involved in? Follow and join in with the action before, during and after using the hashtag #FRD2013.


2 responses to “Cook it, share it, live it for Food Revolution Day in May

  1. I am really looking forward to this 🙂 I have organised a dinner party with family and friends! Never cooked for this many people before but I think I am up to the challenge!

  2. Hi Jess. Thanks for sharing your plans. A dinner party sounds great! We’ll be posting a map of some of London’s best farmers’ markets shortly, if you fancy checking one out to buy your ingredients.

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