Interactive: Fancy checking out a farmers’ market in London?

So you’ve read all about the importance of sustainable farming and are now keen to sample some local home-grown produce.

If you live in London and think farmers’ markets belong only to the countryside then fear not, for we have mapped some of the city’s best.  Chances are, there’s one just down the road from you.

Most markets open at weekends but a a few, such as Hammersmith, Swiss Cottage and Bromley are free to browse during the week when the crowds are smaller.

A tantalising range of food can be found at these markets, from prime, high-welfare cuts of meat to fresh vegetables and fruit picked just hours previously, home-baked bread and handmade pies.

Interactive: Jess Denham

Interactive: Jess Denham

Click on the image above to explore our interactive map.

Contacts numbers are included for anybody considering selling their own goods.

Have we missed out any great markets? Please share your recommendations for the best stalls to visit in the comments below.


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