A walk down Whitecross Street

London is full of bustling street markets, and all sorts of delights and delicacies can be found if you know where to look for them. Borough Market is a real foodies market with everything ranging from gastro to gourmet, but giving it stiff competition is Whitecross Street.

Located just off Old Street in EC1, Whitecross Street is fast becoming the place to go in the week for tasty but relatively cheap fare. With many banks and businesses nearby it is always thriving at lunch, yet still very much retains a community feel.

Here are a few reasons why it is well worth a visit…

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If you still need convincing (though you really shouldn’t) some of the pubs on the street allow you to take your food in and enjoy them with a drink – handy if the weather isn’t great.

And for all Apprentice aficionados, Whitecross Street played host to the first ever episode of Junior Apprentice. It was here that the plucky contestant Tim tried to convince Alan Sugar that it was too windy to make cheese lunch boxes. Nobody else seems to have that problem!


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