What’s the carbon footprint of your sandwich?

It’s a new year and many of us are thinking about how we can be healthier in 2013. Maybe we’re swapping our lunchtime sandwich for a salad or at least opting for a lighter filling.

But what about looking at the health implications of our lunch for the planet as well as our waistlines? The sustainability experts at Best Food Forward have done the sums so you don’t have to.

They compared the carbon footprint of a cheese ploughman’s with a BLT and Mediterranean vegetable sandwich and the winner is… Mediterranean vegetables with the lowest carbon footprint and the fewest calories.

Of course sandwiches vary enormously but if fewer calories can mean less carbon then that could be a good way to achieve those resolutions!

Thanks to Best Foot Forward for the infographic.

 The Sandwich Counter: Your Lunchtime Sandwich Footprint


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