London and Sustainable Fish

As part of the Olympic legacy, organisers decided to make the 83,000 tonnes of seafood served during the 2012 Games sustainable, in a bid to show this could be “affordable, achievable and delicious“.

Off the back of this, Sustainable Fish City launched in January 2011 with the aim of making London the first city in the world to have 100% of the fish used there sustainable.

There has been real progress with this. The Good Food for London 2012 guide reported that of the 33 boroughs, 11 had taken “at least two significant steps” towards supporting sustainable fish, while a further 15 had taken one step.

Only seven – Hillingdon, Brent, Hackney, Harrow, Haringey, Croydon, and Southwark – had not taken any “significant action”.

So lots of progress, but still work to be done. At EcoEats, we’re going to be looking into the sustainable fish scene across London from a very human perspective, asking these questions:

What difference have shop and restaurant owners felt in the areas that have signed up to change? Did they sign up voluntarily or was it forced on them by areas?

Why have businesses and organisations signed up to Sustainable Fish City? Is it easier for bigger businesses, e.g. Google, the Met Police, to do this than smaller firms and market traders?

Why haven’t the seven London boroughs not in the scheme signed up? What criteria need to be met to gain recognition? How hard is this?

To buy sustainable fish,  do we as consumers have to sacrifice taste? Convenience? Low costs? What are the benefits?

But while we’re keen to explore these areas, we’re also after YOUR help and feedback. If you think there’s a serious (or just interesting) issue with sustainable fish, then please do let us know, either by commenting below or by tweeting us @ecoeatsuk, and we’ll do our best to find out for you.


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